Final Design

In HEPP projects, final designs are prepared in an optimum way in accordance with the formats of the Ministry of Energy and General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSİ). During the final design work, the following services are provided by our company.

Survey Study

Before starting the work for the final design, a field survey is carried out in the location of the Project.

Alternatives and Revised Feasibility Study

After field survey, project location flows and project optimizations are prepared and alternatives related to the project are presented to the investing company. For each alternative, optimum structure dimensions are determined. Approximate Cost is calculated taking into account the current Unit Prices and the market Unit Prices and then based on these calculations, economic analysis is made. Following this, a detailed feasibility study is made for the alternative that is chosen and it is presented to the Investor.

Preparation of the Final Design

Following the optimization work, the Final Design is completed and then submitted to the Ministry of Energy and to the Regional Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSİ).

Project Follow-Up

This is the follow-up phase for the approvalprocedures that are carried out in the Ministry of Energy and in the Regional Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSİ).


As MİRSU Engineering, we are pleased to make a difference by transferring our experience in our Hydroelectric Power Plants, which have been already completed and currently inoperation to the current application projects. In accordance with the construction work program, the application projects/construction drawings are delivered to the customers within a certain time limit before the construction of the structure, which is planned to be built in the work program, starts.