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In our country, engineering, especially civil engineering,has found a proper environment for development during last 20 years.
Nevertheless, ever-faster developing computer technologies have obliged the companies working in the field of engineering to continuously adopt themselves to changing competition.
Unfortunately, most of the people working in this field have been unable either to follow the fast developments in the field of engineering or to renew themselves by adapting to the latest changes taking place in the field. As MIRSU ENGINEERING, which was established in 2008, we have adopted, for the proper design of the projects on which we are working, the principle of developing engineering methods in parallel to improvements in modern engineering and applying these methods to our projects in most appropriate ways.
Therefore, having noticed the existence of shortcomings in the software used in energy sector, we have taken serious steps in developing our own computer software.
We continue our efforts to take further steps in this regard. Besides, it is a well-known fact, by many engineers working in the energy sector, that energy structures in our country are over-designed and not economical. In this respect, by placing great importance on the energy structures being economical and feasible, we aim at preventing the unnecessary consumption of labor and material in the projects on which we are working.